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We are staying open and keeping it safe!

We are part of our community and want to help anyone still needing a place to rest their head.  As a responsible neighbor, we monitor announcements and keep to the strict advice on how to keep our stayers and Locals safe.   Situations like these is when communities show how strong they are.  Let’s show them how strong we really are!

Let’s choose
your room

Let’s get flexible! Our 192 rooms have either two or one bed, and some even have a pull-out sofa for that unexpected friend you met downtown. Create a mood with the lights, controlling it from your phone. Adjust the temperature on the TV. Each room has superfast WIFI, for working, researching your dinner plans or streaming your favorite series.

It’s not a lobby, it’s our Playground

It’s not all about sleep, eat, and repeat during your stay. Routine is boring, so why not hang in our Playground, discover what others are up to and hang with them.

Co-work for just €15 and experience our superfast WIFI and all the coffee you can drink.  Let a Local know so they can set you up!

Our Playground has endless opportunities for connection. With others, or with the city.

  • Grabn’Go

    Do you get hangry?  Grab a healthy snack, make a pizza, toast a grilled cheese or order a Kitchen in a Box up to your room.  All of your choices are alright with us. 

  • Chillax or work

    Need a moment of reflection?  The fireplace in our Livingroom will hit the spot.  Or do you need to finish that sales pitch by tomorrow?  The communal tables at The Office are placed next to the coffee & tea station for a reason.

  • The Square

    We call our meeting room The Square, cause that’s where people in a city meet.  It comes with a kitchen for those who get hungry, and a view of our green Backyard.  Let a Local know you are interested, or just book it at the order screen!

  • The Bar

    Our self-serve bar is where it’s at.  Draft yourself a beer or get a cocktail in a box.  You are your own bartender.  

  • The Backyard

    Green is our favorite color.  So we created the Backyard, full of greenery, right in the middle of the city.  Swing in the swing, visit the lamas, lounge in chairs.  Bring your shades.  If you want to create an event in all the lushness, let a Local know!

  • The Laundry

    Staying for a longer time?  Do your laundry while hanging in the Livingroom.  There is nothing better than that clean linen scent!

Pelikaanstraat 86
2018 Antwerpen – Belgium

Get me there

The Antwerp blog: Live like a local

Do you want to discover the real Antwerp? We do!  We connect regularly with people from the city who know the exact places to go to make sure you get to live like a local while you are here.

We’ll take you places where the atmosphere is just right, the sauce in the dish is what makes it, the cityscape is the most urban and where relaxation is deeper than sleep. 

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